Strategic Guidelines

Development cooperation policy is an integral part of the foreign policy of Lithuania and other developed states. Its objectives are the following: ensuring peace, global economic growth and social stability, reduction of the disparities between developed and developing countries, integration of developing countries into the global economy and implementation of the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals approved by the United Nations.

The priority geographical areas of Lithuania’s development cooperation are Eastern Partnership countries as well as countries of migration origin and transit. With regard to accumulated experience in democratic reforms, strenghtening of civil society and rule of law, Lithuania provides bilateral assistance to EU candidate countries Ukraine and Moldova, as well as signatories of EU Comprehensive and Enhanced Partnership Agreement – Armenia and Georgia. As a member of EU, UN and OECD Lithuania takes part in international development efforts and provides multilateral development assistance through obligatory and voluntary contributions and payments to the funds and international organisations and provides humanitarian assistance.

The Department of Development Cooperation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is responsible for the implementation and coordination of Lithuanian development cooperation policy.

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