Legal Information

Lithuanian Law on Development Cooperation and Humanitarian Aid (No. XII-311) was adopted on the 16th May 2013. This law determined the goals of the Lithuanian development cooperation policy, formation, implementation, coordination and financing of the Lithuanian development cooperation, and ways of providing humanitarian aid. Amendments to the law in 2016 and 2020 introduced important changes: strengthened the role of the Ministry of the Foreign Affairs in coordination of the Lithuania development cooperation, expanded the number of institutions participating in the development cooperation, gathered the administration of development cooperation projects in a single agency, etc. It also set out a more flexible, responsive and results-oriented delivery of bilateral aid by establishing a dedicated trust fund, which aims creating conditions to implement large-scale and value-added projects and programmes

Information on the submission of applications for development cooperation projects, selection procedures, implementation and information for providers as well as any other project-related information is available in:

1) Description of Procedure for the Implementation of Development Cooperation Activities and Provision of Humanitarian Assistance by State and Municipal Institutions and Agencies, approved by Lithuanian Government Resolution No 278 of 26 March, 2014;

2) Description of Procedure of the Implementation of the Development Cooperation and Democracy Promotion Programme, established by Order No. V-170 of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Lithuania on 12 June, 2019;

3) Regulations of the Fund for the Development Cooperation and Humanitarian Aid.

4) Description of Activities of the Fund for the Development Cooperation and Humanitarian Aid.

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